Monday, October 29, 2007

The Week in Alcohol

That's about 220ml more than you need The LCBO in Ontario announced that they would start selling French Rabbit in 250ml tetra-pacs

But that's pretty much average for a night out in Cardif Journalists came upon the New Zealand All-Blacks rugby coach passed out in a washroom before the World Cup quarter-finals in Cardif, Wales. In related news, Australian Rugby Union chair Peter McGrath was forced to resign his position when "one of Australian rugby's major sponsor complained in writing that McGrath was so affected by alcohol he could hardly speak at a function on the eve of Australia's quarter-final defeat by England in Marseille, France"

Those Parisians sure know how to put on a party English fans were surprised to discover that the 250,000 pints of beer sold at the Stade de France during the Rugby World Cup contained no alcohol---despite costing more than six pounds apiece

He fruitlessly claimed he'd just come from the Rugby World Cup in Paris Police at Heathrow airport swarmed onto a Virgin Airlaines Airbus A340 and arrested the co-pilot for being drunk.

Gee, expectation really is the source of all misery According to, "underground alternative star Paul Raven from Ministry and Killing Joke died expectedly [sic] this week. Though numerous blogs immediately speculated that drugs might have been involved, no mentions of drugs except alcohol have emerged in subsequent press reports"

In a tell-all biography, Wine Critic and demigod Robert Parker's former assistant Hannah Agostini reveals that the palate-that- walks-like-a-man would frequently recycle his writing; write about wines he hadn't tasted; and was far too cozy with the winemakers he was supposedly a critic of. In a related story, Bordeaux gros frommage Alain Renaud unsuccessfully sued to have all passages concerning him removed from Agostini's book, entitled Robert Parker: the Anatomy of a Myth

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