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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Week in Alcohol

The 'she could end up rotting in Hell' part was taken out by his Firefox grammar-checker A Paris judge has filed charges against critic Robert Parker for defamation of his former assistant, Hannah Agostini, author of Robert Parker: Anatomy of a Myth. "The charges were filed Friday against Parker for writing on his Internet site that Agostini 'could end up stagnating in prison,' and for misrepresenting the penalties that she faces, officials said.... The critic declined comment about the case. He was fined €2,000 ($2,820) by a Paris court in March for violating Agostini's presumption of innocence."

As a sobriety test, you just have to type out "Super Saver Shipping" without slurring your words announced that they would soon be selling wine online

The return address on the rice bags to the Lepage factory in Mianzhu, China should have been a bit of a giveaway Japan's Sake supply has been compromised by tainted rice. "Shipments of pesticide-ridden, rotting rice, intended for use in glue factories, have ended up in the human food chain, principally as ingredients for brewing the national tipple. In the past week more than a million bottles of shochu and saké - drinks made from rice - have been recalled over safety fears."

Their "drink beer and be impotent" campaign didn't seem to work too well The Brewers association of Canada announced that over the next five years it would be donating $1 million to the study of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Canada

...but especially when somebody's applying for a job as a T.T.C. executive The Toronto Transit Commission announced that it would soon be testing some workers for alcohol and drugs. The report "recommends that employees in 'safety sensitive' jobs like vehicle operators or track workers, their supervisors, and members of the TTC executive be subject to six stages of drug and alcohol testing: when applying for a job, when there is 'reasonable' suspicion of impairment, after an incident, after a violation, after treatment and randomly."

He then went on to observe that they had bad weather and produced crummy soccer players as well Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver complained that Britons didn't appreciate decent cuisine, and that "the only people who drink more than us are the Irish and the Scottish"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The only problem is that Yellow Tail sets off the alarm as well Scientists in France have designed a technique to detect counterfeit wines. "The results reveal the age of the bottle, and the wine within it. This data is then compared to results from bottles known to be authentic."

Your ticket there on Air Canada will cost you $1259.99 Macau---which has recently eclipsed Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world---has eliminated it's 15% tax on wine "in a bid to become a dominant player in the regional fine wine market".

It was followed by a sex-free orgy at Tommy Lee's hotel room
Motley Crue played a concert at Toronto's Molson Amphitheater at which alcohol was banned.

However, the age of consent still stays at 10
France plans to raise it's drinking age to 18

It all happened when Becks and Posh left Real Madrid for Hollywood
The Foreign Office in London released figures showing that the number of British tourists in Spain arrested for being drunk grew by a third over the course of the previous year

Racing in front of Gordon Brown will do that to a guy In Britain, a dozen jockeys have been caught drinking and riding by random alcohol testing. "But as only a tiny fraction of those who ride each day are tested under the system, it is thought many more jockeys are still slipping through the net and riding under the influence of alcohol".

He actually thought he was riding in the fifth race at Epsom Russian high-jumper Ivan Ukhov was banned from a Swiss track meet for jumping while inebriated. Film at 11:00.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Week in Alcohol

Wonderful news! Big Brother has raised the bread ration from 500 grams to 250 grams! Initial signs are that prices for the mostly inferior 2007 crop of Bordeaux wines are going to be inflated: the first Bordeaux chateaus to declare prices have kept them at 2006 levels. Meanwhile, Robert Parker, the man who usually gets the blame for 20 years of upwardly spiraling Bordeaux prices, has called the majority of the wines coming out of Bordeaux in 2007 herbaceous and disappointing. In related news, Rising prices of European wine have been traced to a tax on... bunker fuel

At least neither's thinking of bringing out a Roger Moore line of products
A dust-up has developed between Champagne houses Bollinger and Taittinger over which is fictional spy James Bond's champagne of choice. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bond creator Ian Fleming, both champagne-makers hosted self-promoting Bond-themed events in London.

She declined to lower the admission price to her private weblog, though Critic and wine-writer Jancis Robinson was quoted as calling wine critics "parasites". Meanwhile, Clive Coates, in The Wines of Burgundy, has come out against Robert Parker and The Wine Spectator: "Wine Critics are often misinformed or just plain pig-ignorant."

They were trying for Satisfaction but Keith and Mick were asking too much "Ex Nihilo Vineyards, in Okanagan Centre north of Kelowna, will be producing a limited release of an icewine labelled in honour of the Stones' hit Sympathy for the Devil."

Its makers had just arranged a deal with the Broken Social Scene to call it Finish Your Collapse and Stay for Breakfast Toronto police raided an illegal winery in Toronto and found tens of thousands of liters of wine stored in desperately unsanitary conditions, intended to be sold in local convenience stores at $15 a gallon

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Week in Alcohol

It was just the homemade beer talking Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan apologized for derogatory remarks he made towards Ukrainians in general and one-time NDP Leader Roy Romanow in particular at a conservative gathering 17 years ago. In the 1991 video released to the media recently, Wall speaks in a bad Ukranian accent and jokes about sending bombs to labour leaders. In the same video, Saskatchewan MP Tom Lukiwski referred to gays as "faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases." Prime Minister Steven Harper has declined to discipline Lukiwski.

They're sending in Silvio Berlusconi to investigate Several of Italy's top Brunello producers have been charged with adulterating their wines. "None of the producers has yet been charged, but investigating magistrates have blocked the bottling of 2003 vintage Brunello by three of the most important producers, Antinori, Frescobaldi and Argiano, and quarantined 10 vineyards and 600,000 bottles belonging to Castello Banfi. Top managers at two firms have received formal warnings of impending investigation."

If only it prevented dementia in Saskatchewan Tory politicians Evidence was recently presented that women who consume wine are up to 70% less likely than abstainers to develop dementia

Afterwards, lawyers arguing the losing position were heard to make rude remarks on the lack of wine consumed by female justices on the majority side In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the so-called "two-beer defence", where drunk-driving defendants bring in their own experts to claim that they metabolized alcohol faster than could be measured by a breathalyser.

Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer's hookers could have told you something like that years ago
A study found that the more expensive you think a wine is, the more likely you are to like it.

In a later statement, he tried to use the ten-beer defence In Wales, ex-Tory Minister Rod Richards got into a drunken punch-up with Conservative canvassers on his doorstep. "The conversation developed into a heated argument involving Mr Richards and four Tory canvassers. The ex-MP claimed he hit one of them after he was pushed to the ground and hurt a finger. He said: 'The guy who pushed me was rude and arrogant. I don’t regret clipping him.' "