Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Week in Alcohol

Wonderful news! Big Brother has raised the bread ration from 500 grams to 250 grams! Initial signs are that prices for the mostly inferior 2007 crop of Bordeaux wines are going to be inflated: the first Bordeaux chateaus to declare prices have kept them at 2006 levels. Meanwhile, Robert Parker, the man who usually gets the blame for 20 years of upwardly spiraling Bordeaux prices, has called the majority of the wines coming out of Bordeaux in 2007 herbaceous and disappointing. In related news, Rising prices of European wine have been traced to a tax on... bunker fuel

At least neither's thinking of bringing out a Roger Moore line of products
A dust-up has developed between Champagne houses Bollinger and Taittinger over which is fictional spy James Bond's champagne of choice. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bond creator Ian Fleming, both champagne-makers hosted self-promoting Bond-themed events in London.

She declined to lower the admission price to her private weblog, though Critic and wine-writer Jancis Robinson was quoted as calling wine critics "parasites". Meanwhile, Clive Coates, in The Wines of Burgundy, has come out against Robert Parker and The Wine Spectator: "Wine Critics are often misinformed or just plain pig-ignorant."

They were trying for Satisfaction but Keith and Mick were asking too much "Ex Nihilo Vineyards, in Okanagan Centre north of Kelowna, will be producing a limited release of an icewine labelled in honour of the Stones' hit Sympathy for the Devil."

Its makers had just arranged a deal with the Broken Social Scene to call it Finish Your Collapse and Stay for Breakfast Toronto police raided an illegal winery in Toronto and found tens of thousands of liters of wine stored in desperately unsanitary conditions, intended to be sold in local convenience stores at $15 a gallon

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