Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Week in Alcohol

I will do such things--- what they are, yet I know not---but they shall be the terrors of the earth! The French wine producer's lobby group Vin et Société has threatened French President Nicolas Sarkozy with industry-wide action if he doesn't act on a campaign promise to repeal or gut the 1991 Evin Law, which radically limited the industry's ability to promote itself. Recent court decisions have resulted in the closing down of Heineken's French website, Champagne house Moët & Chandon being fined 30,000 euros, and newspapers being forced to post government warnings along with articles about wine

That'll clarify things The Bordeaux Syndicate has voted to rename the Bordeaux Supérieur AOC "Bordeaux Premier Cru". Not surprisingly, the Medoc's 1er Crus from the 1855 classification are protesting. In other news, the appelation "Cru Bourgeois" is making a comeback

It seems smokers were spontaneously combusting In a voice vote this week, the Missouri Senate voted to ban alcohol vaporizers. The machines (also referred to as AWOL) allow users to inhale alcohol directly into the lungs and bloodstream. "Sellers promote it as a way to get a buzz without the calories, carbohydrates or much of a hangover."

You just have to flawlessly type "super-saver shipping" 10 times as a sobriety test has announced its intention to sell wine on its website.

They knew something was up when they found the alcohol vaporizer in the ladies room According to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, "An administrative assistant whose job duties include testing Entergy Nuclear employees at the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant for possible drug and alcohol use was suspended for two weeks after she was found to exceed allowable alcohol limits." According to Raymond Shadis, a senior technical advisor for the anti-nuclear New England Coalition, "You have real problems when those people who are in charge have a hard time staying straight and sober."

When they ask why I drink all day I'll say because I can Breathalyzer evidence against Nickelback front-man Chad Kroeger was ruled admissible by a judge, and the 2006 impaired-driving charge against him will go ahead. "When Kroeger stopped for police, an officer noted he had red, glossy eyes and a red, flushed face. He allegedly handed over his credit card when the officer asked for his driver's licence."

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