Monday, December 3, 2007

The Week in Alcohol

That's nothing--- Marilyn Manson once bought Dita von Teese a distillery in Bryantsville, Kentucky Actor Johnny Depp bought his girlfriend a vineyard in Plan de la Tour, near the French resort town of St. Tropez

The story that he raped a stable-girl in celebration was later dismissed as a mistranslation French actor and noteworthy pounder Gerard Depardieu was named this year's "Pope" of Bordeaux's Chateau Pape Clement

But for only $149.- they'll give you the phone number of the police The extremely moneyed American wine collector Russell H. Frye (a business associate of fellow high-end collector Bill Koch, who was burned in the Hardy Rodenstock phony 'Thomas Jefferson bottle' scandal) has started a website that holds out the promise of authenticating the lineage of those dubious bottles you and I sometimes purchase at auction. is not cheap---membership costs for serious users run from $499.- to the thousands for commercial customers. And while a business plan is being worked out, there is of yet no word on how the system will work, or who will attempt to do the on-line authenticating.

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