Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Week in Alcohol

We were wondering what Courtney Love was up to these days Owen Wilson, recently released from hospital after a cry-for-help style suicide attempt, has hired a $750-a-day "sober companion" to keep him on the straight-and-narrow

Now seeking employment as a private consultant to Owen Wilson Ewen McLeod, the former director of a New Zealand alcohol rehabilitation center, was jailed for 5 months after committing three drunk-driving offenses in just over a week – two of them on one day. He had previously been jailed for breach of bankruptcy laws after his rehab clinic failed, leaving debts of $300,000.

And absolutely no more than 20 beers apiece---I'm firm on that A report on teenage drinking commissioned by Health Canada quotes one teenager's father who buys beer for his son's basement drinking parties. "I put some rules in place, though. I tell them no more than 15 people and I'm absolutely in the house."

But we're allowing alcohol at the shark-wrestling tank Authorities have forbidden the organizers of an Irish St Patrick's Day skydiving event from selling liquor

Good thing they didn't call it "the Toronto Maple Leafs"
The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario forbid the owners of the Prohibition Gastropub and Oyster Bar from naming their bar the Booze Emporium. "The licensing officer found that the name implied promoting the immoderate consumption of liquor," according to a Commission representative

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