Friday, July 13, 2007

The week in alcohol

President Nicolas Sarkozy was seen building an ark Two months of steady rain has put the 2007 Bordeaux vintage in peril. Many growers have already lost their entire harvest to mildew. Many forecast higher prices for the already overpriced 2006 Bordeaux as a result.

Extra! New drug for alcoholic rats! An anti-smoking drug, varenicline, has been suggested effective in combating alcoholism. But “ research on the drug as a treatment for alcoholism has been done yet on humans. But one study on rats shows varenicline cuts desire for alcohol by 50 percent. The rats do not exhibit excessive drinking even after they are no longer given the drug.”

We're all about dignity in the Hamptons Virtually all Long Island wineries have stopped offering free tastings, because busloads of visitors were getting drunk and damaging property. '“All of a sudden it’s five deep at the bar with people knocking into each other and pushing each other out of the way to get to the tasting,” said Kristen Venasky, 27, who has been pouring for two years at Palmer. “Saturdays,” she said, “are for people who want to get sloshed.”'

I guess Courtney Love couldn't make it that day
Nicole Ritchie's DUI trial was postponed a month because a drug expert to be called as a defense witness was going to be out of the country.

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