Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Week in Alcohol

But they gave Jancis Robinson the pull-down baby-changing station in the business-class washroom US Airways will be laminating Business Week articles by Robert Parker into their pull-down tray-tables on their economy-class seats. According to BW Publisher Geoff Dodge, "This unique partnership affords Business Week a great opportunity to place our content in front of a captive audience of potential users."

By the time you get through the bottle, the code on the back of the label looks pretty damn sexy A dating service called Soif de coeur ("Thirsty Heart") puts out a line of wines (one each of red, white and rosé) with a hidden code on the back of the bottle's label. Clients register with the service and provide personal details and biographies to its database. Clients can see the code through the glass of the empty bottle, and that unique code will provide a match with another registeree.

And on the inside of the label is a code that gets you a date with a chicken Wine That Loves... is a new line of table-wines from The Amazing Food Wine Company. It comes in opaque bottles with a picture on the label of whatever food it's designed to pair with.

...And, of course, Lindsay Lohan started her second week in rehab.

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