Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Week in Alcohol

Hold the chocolate-mocha Zinfandel, thanks A dairy in Boonsville, New York has introduced a line of wine-flavored ice creams that are 5% alcohol. In other news, the Diamond Headache Clinic of Chicago and the American Academy of neurology have fingered red wine as the most common trigger for sufferers of migraine headaches; while the Neurological Institute of the Cleveland Clinic reports that ice cream is a trigger for about 90% of those susceptible to migraine

We're not like those wild libertines of Casseltown, North Dakota It took The Utah Tax Commission 10 years---and even then only after an anonymous tip---to figure out that "Merlot" on a driver's vanity licence plate referred to a wine. The owner was ordered to change the plate, as intoxicants are not allowed to be named on vanity plates. (Utah authorities had previously banned the word "Chianti".)

Next: Robert Parker sings Bob Dylan
The Wine Spectator announced that their list of top 100 wines of 2006 would be made available for download to your iPod

I asked her if she was game---she said yes, so I shot her
Organizers of the 75th Minneapolis Northwest Sports Show announced the innaguration of a "Women, Wine and Wild Game" day

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